Gun Girl 1.2 for Windows 10


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Gun Girl is a free platform game that also allows you to surrender to the process of extermination bezstresowemu beings, commonly known as zombies. Unusually issue was resolved here as, over which we will have to take control, as a fun time, we have to identify with incredibly beautiful blonde. Contrary to old notions, it is not awkward being detached from reality, but dangerous, like a mad dog, a real killing machine. In her hands, rather than a mobile phone or a pink purse, rests gracefully firearms which by no means is used for decoration. With her help, our heroine, comes to the ground ravenous monsters, dropping them hectoliters of red gore. The fact that women love money we all know, there is also a way for young women, the actions of which we take control. From time to time because, on his way, she finds a thick sheaf of papers in the color of hope, known as the dollar. The wide acceptance, especially the male environment players deserve should the fact that the findings will not be used to purchase another lipsticks, eye shadows, blouse or another, needed little shit. Our blond heroine buy ammunition for it, which eventually becomes lodged in the bodies of nasty zombies, ending their already lengthy life. Gun Girl, despite the colorful visuals, and a very sympathetic character, is a product in which the blood pouring down in torrents, and the sight of a zombie shuffling aimlessly in one of the parties is a fairly common sight. For these reasons, I would advise against younger users contact with the product. Senior most recommended.    Minimum requirements:  Processor: Pentium III  RAM: 256 MB  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data